What is conversational AI? How does it work in hospitality? How to efficiently implement it across the guest journey?

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If any of those questions have been on your mind, you are in the right place as our free publication:

  • outlines how conversational AI transforms guest communications;
  • provides context explaining why it has become a growing trend in the hospitality industry;
  • offers practical examples of implementing AI at each stage of the guest journey.

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This publication examines examples and benefits of implementing conversational AI at each stage of the guest journey, aiming to improve the understanding of such advanced technology’s role in guest communications.

Conversational AI enhances every touchpoint between the hotel and its guests: from pre-arrival questions and streamlined booking assistance to instant responses during the stay and simplified check-out procedures. Implementing this technology across the entire hotel guest journey offers a range of benefits contributing to providing a seamless, efficient and personalised experience: 

  • Multilingual assistance and instant responses 24/7
  • Automated yet personal guest communications
  • Elevated guest experience and increased revenue due to tailored upselling
  • Improved customer retention and loyalty
  • Efficient operations due to seamless integrations with other hotel systems
  • Convenience for the guests and reduced workload for hotel staff

Taking into consideration governing bodies’ recommendations for adopting smart technologies to address staff shortages in the industry, as well as guests’ expectations of hotels incorporating AI-powered conveniences, hoteliers should reimagine and transform their guest communications with conversational AI.

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