Are you ready to take the first step in better navigating the ever-evolving hospitality industry landscape and transforming your business? Are you ready to secure more bookings and earn more consistent revenue?

NB: This is a guide from RoomPriceGenie, one of our Expert Partners

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Are you ready to beat the competition and stand out to potential guests in your destination?

49 Tips to Supersize Your Revenue” is a free guide designed to empower hoteliers with practical insights and strategies to stand out from the crowd, enhance profitability, and secure a competitive edge in the online marketplace. In the guide, Ari shares his wealth of knowledge, offering you a valuable resource to drive more direct bookings, streamline operations, and boost profitability. Ari’s commitment to helping hoteliers thrive (inspired by a personal life story, which he shares in the book) shines through every page, and the actionable insights that he provides will make a significant difference in your bottom line.

Here’s a sneak peek into what you will learn in the book…

  1.     OTA Best Practices: Learn how to navigate better the challenges posed by OTAs and optimise your online presence.
  2.     Pricing: Master the art of strategic pricing to maximise revenue without compromising occupancy.
  3.     Selling on Value, not Price: Discover the key to positioning your hotel as a value-driven choice in a competitive market.
  4.     How to Increase Your Review Scores: Improve your online reputation and attract more guests through higher reviews.
  5.     Your Website & Other Sales Channels: Explore practical strategies for leveraging your website and other sales channels.
  6.     Other Business Improvements: Uncover additional tips and tricks to enhance your efficiency in various facets of your hotel operations.

Whether you’re a hotelier with 10 rooms or 100 rooms, the tips and strategies in the guide will make a measurable impact on your occupancy, ADR, RevPAR. To download “49 Tips to Supersize Your Revenue” for free and start on your journey to consistent profitability, click the button below.

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