Founded at the end of 2022, chatlyn quickly became a transformative force in the hospitality industry with its AI-powered customer engagement platform. Designed to automate communications, reduce operational workloads, and optimize interaction strategies, chatlyn boosts customer satisfaction and increases revenue specifically for hotels and travel service providers.

In less than two years, chatlyn has formed partnerships with hundreds of respected brands, including industry giants like Marriott, Ibis, Wyndham, and InterContinental. These partnerships testify to chatlyn’s effectiveness and its specialized focus on hospitality.

chatlyn offers a robust suite of features including an omnichannel inbox, AI assistants with an advanced AI chatbot, and a dynamic WebChat widget. These tools streamline customer interactions across various channels, ensuring every guest receives prompt and personalized service. Supporting over 25 languages, chatlyn enables seamless communication with international travelers, enhancing their experience.

A standout feature of chatlyn is its extensive integration capabilities with Property Management Systems (PMS) and Point of Sale (POS) systems. These integrations allow for a seamless flow of information, facilitating a more integrated and efficient operation that enhances guest services from check-in to check-out.

The platform’s WhatsApp newsletter feature has also revolutionized direct marketing within hospitality, achieving engagement rates far surpassing traditional methods. Additionally, chatlyn’s Automation Studio enables the automation of workflows and easy integration with various APIs, optimizing guest interactions at every point of their journey.

Committed to advancing its technology, chatlyn anticipates and meets the evolving needs of the hospitality industry. It ensures GDPR compliance for data security and provides robust analytics to inform strategic decisions. Today, chatlyn is redefining customer communication standards in hospitality, setting new benchmarks for automation and operational efficiency.

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