The Opportunity Cost of Metasearch

Hotels have always faced cost limitations. The value of metasearch is that it offers a chance to flip the script and run a truly revenue-focused approach

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5 Hotel Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost Direct Bookings

A successful digital marketing strategy is a broad spectrum of tactics aimed at amplifying your hotel’s digital footprint to drive direct bookings

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B2B Hotel Marketing Strategies for Building Brand Loyalty

Successful B2B hotel marketing strategies go beyond price and location, emphasizing personalized service, flexibility, and creation of memorable experiences

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If an Image is Worth a 1000 Words, How Much is a Video Worth?

The power of video content in marketing is undeniable, with studies showing visuals are 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than other content

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Maximize Your Hotel Visibility with Google Maps Latest Features

Embracing these changes and optimizing your presence on Google Maps can lead to increased visibility, engagement, and ultimately, bookings

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Here is Why AI Search Engines Really Can’t Kill Google

The real question in front of all these would-be Google killers, is not how well they can find information, it’s how well they can do everything Google does

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Content Creation: Best Practices for Different Hotel Segments

Understanding your niche gives you a direction on what kind of content you should be posting. Be proud of who and what your property represents

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mirai article image book join loyalty program key feature article

Book and Join, a Key Feature of Your Loyalty Program

With a “book and join” option, hotels have a unique opportunity to convert their customers into loyalty members

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person breaking down a wall reflecting how hotels are breaking down barriers and reclaiming power in website management

Breaking Barriers: Hotels Are Reclaiming Power in Website Management

The principle of customer-focused website design and management is vital, particularly for hotels where customer engagement is key to success

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millennial guests at a hotel illustrating the impact they have on booking trends and hotels need to know to drive guest experience and revenue in 2024

10 Booking Trends and Stats to Drive Guest Experience and Revenue

Hotels have an incredible opportunity to exceed guest expectations and maximize revenue potential with the help of new-age tools and processes

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