4 glass jars filling up with coins reflecting how hotels should consider developing sustainability plans to help drive future revenue and profits

3 Tips to Boost Your Hotel’s Total Revenue Management Strategy

Most professionals in the hospitality industry now recognise that strategic revenue management is one of the key levers of business success

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Total Revenue Management for Future Focused Decision Makers

Getting a good overview of the on-the-books data, pick-up pace, and forecasts of all the revenue sources in a hotel operation offers numerous benefits

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boy with head in hands and question marks reflecting challenge for hotel revenue management

Revenue Management – Looking Towards A Challenging Winter…

It is time to determine how we will achieve top line budget goals whilst keeping bottom line costs in check. Revenue Management strategy plays a key role

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Total Revenue Forecasting – Sunny with a Chance of Profits

Whether it’s time to make hay while the sun shines or to batten down the hatches when storm clouds are on the horizon, you’ll always be better prepared with total revenue forecasting.

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Total Revenue Management: Are Hotels Talking About It or Doing It?

My premise was that by 2020 the industry would be entrenched in total revenue management…that elusive goal of managing every revenue source at every guest touchpoint to its maximum profitability

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Total Hotel Revenue Management: Why Aren’t We Better at This?

In a 2017 study, Total Revenue Management was identified as a significant future trend, with function space, restaurants, spa, golf, parking, and retail all ‘Likely’ or ‘Very Likely’ to see implementation.

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Total Hotel Revenue Management is Not What You Think

By moving to a customer-centered set of measures, where the overall guest spend is more important than spend in any single outlet, you can embark on the path to Total Revenue Management.

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How AccorHotels is Giving Revenue Management a Bottom Up Boost

A cultural shift at Accor, which is taking focused, cross-functional approach to revenue management at the individual property level, is a lesson for all. Who wants sub-optimal revenue management? Certainly […]

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human hand and mechanical hand showing need for digital pricing transformations

The Unlimited Hotel Data Sharing Plan

With all the talk of Big Data, we are only at the most embryonic stage of establishing the interconnected hotel. In the typical hotel company, department heads still act as […]

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This Is What Total Revenue Management Analytics Looks Like

Five years ago, Dan Ariely, a professor and director of the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University, compared Big Data to teenage sex for several funny reasons. I’d like […]

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