tiktok logo and follow button on mobile phone reflecting importance to hotels of their new search ads feature

Unveiling TikTok Search Ads: The Next Wave in Digital Advertising?

TikTok search ads are making waves. Having now been officially launched, this feature promises to reshape the contours of digital advertising

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3&6 "Who Are We" In conversation with Ben and Tristan YouTube Interview Thumbnail

3&6 “Who Are We”: In Conversation with Ben and Tristan

Through our conversation you will hear more about 3&6 as we dig deeper into the backstory, how the company came about and risks taken to get started

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three&six white paper article image about US Hotel SEO Failure and Websites Earn Grade “F” Due to Basic Errors

US Hotel SEO Failure: Websites Earn Grade “F” Due to Basic Errors

When measured against SEO best practice metrics, US hotel direct websites score just 58.3% on average. The results, equivalent to a US High School Grade F

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