social media platform app icons on a mobile phone

The Power of Social SEO: Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Implement these ideas and unlock the full potential of your social media presence, ensuring your content is engaging and discoverable by your audience

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woman looking at a website and mobile phone possibly after seeing some marketing utilising microsoft ads

5 Reasons Why Hotels Should Consider Microsoft Ads in 2024

What if we were to tell you that Bing (aka Microsoft Ads) is becoming a more relevant and valuable platform that you should consider seriously in 2024

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suitcases lined up reflecting impact of travel tuesday although this is slightly seeing a diminishing impact with extension of black Friday and cyber Monday deals

Rise and Fall of Travel Tuesday in Face of Extended Cyber Deals

Travel Tuesday, also known as “Travel Deal Tuesday,” emerged as a marketing ploy in 2017, aimed at enticing travelers to book their next adventure

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person bidding at an auction reflecting google ads bidding for hotel marketing

Hotel Marketing Insights: A Breakdown of Google Ads Bidding

We explore the pros, cons, and best use cases of the most common Google Ads bidding strategy options available today and how each works

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5 blocks with one of a different colour reflecting the importance to hotels of understanding attribution models in google ads

Hotel Marketing: Understanding Attribution Models in Google Ads

We delve into the different attribution models available in Google Ads and offer valuable insights on what hoteliers should be cautious of

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tiktok logo and follow button on mobile phone reflecting importance to hotels of their new search ads feature

Unveiling TikTok Search Ads: The Next Wave in Digital Advertising?

TikTok search ads are making waves. Having now been officially launched, this feature promises to reshape the contours of digital advertising

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3&6 "Who Are We" In conversation with Ben and Tristan YouTube Interview Thumbnail

3&6 “Who Are We”: In Conversation with Ben and Tristan

Through our conversation you will hear more about 3&6 as we dig deeper into the backstory, how the company came about and risks taken to get started

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three&six white paper article image about US Hotel SEO Failure and Websites Earn Grade “F” Due to Basic Errors

US Hotel SEO Failure: Websites Earn Grade “F” Due to Basic Errors

When measured against SEO best practice metrics, US hotel direct websites score just 58.3% on average. The results, equivalent to a US High School Grade F

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