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video thumbnail with two halves of brain showing need for hotels to bring revenue and marketing together

Now is the Time for Hotels to Bring Revenue and Marketing Together

We discuss how the crisis has shown once and for all that Revenue and Marketing (as well as Sales) must work more closely together

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computer and dots showing distribution across globe

Hotels vs OTAS: Focus on Data Driven Smart Distribution

I have seen hotels that succumbed and hotels that resurrected and overcame competition, only by changing their distribution strategies and by balancing their channel mix

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two people planning a travel trip before going ahead and booking

Guest Behaviours Will Change How Should Hotels Adapt

Hotels need to prepare for new trends; new segmentation; and a shift in guest behaviour. You should start planning for a way out of this and let your Revenue Manager and RMS work for you

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Will Hotels Keep Their Head in the Sand Post Covid

Don’t Stop Revenue Management Now

Hotels are closed but future awaits, let’s make the best of this suspended time and let’s plan. Here are my (personal) suggestions on how to rearrange a day in the life of a Revenue Manager

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sign saying rooms available just like placing hotel inventory with a wholesaler

End of Last Room Availability for Profit Gain

Hotels fought for the rate parity abolition but on the inventory side, hotels are forced to level the playing field due to the Last & Entry Room Availability rules.

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Why You Need to Take a Holistic Approach to Hotel Budget

What Hotel Owners Want at Your Revenue Budget Presentation

The epilogue of the perfect revenue budget plan after a year of daily work and experience ends with a but and a senseless stretch in the revenue target that you know already will be impossible to reach

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future revenue predictions

September: Back to The Future of Your Revenue Strategy

Waving goodbye to august, summer, holidays and going back to work and the daily routine is a blue moment for many but not for the Revenue Managers and their Budget […]

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