tightrope walker reflecting challenge for hotels of balancing whether to sell out or maximize revenue

Selling Out vs. Maximizing Revenue: The Delicate Balance

You’re not looking to eliminate risk entirely. Instead, the aim is to manage it where you’re optimizing for revenue without stretching your resources thin

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sign post saying same old way or something new reflecting the need for hotels to flip the script and understand how to maximize hotel revenue

Flipping the Script: The Truth About Maximizing Hotel Revenue

True revenue success lies in mastering the art of yield management – a strategic approach that goes beyond mere occupancy numbers

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neon hotel sign saying no vacancy reflecting the importance of developing effective strategies to boost city hotel occupancy

10 Effective Strategies to Boost City Hotel Occupancy

Implementing these strategies can significantly improve occupancy rates in city hotels. Each approach plays a vital role in boosting hotel performance

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Managing Hotel Overbookings and Cancellations

Discover how hoteliers can optimize room bookings, tackle overbookings, and minimize revenue losses due to cancellations

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Hotel Benchmarking: Tips to Maximize RGI, ARI, and MPI

In the ever-evolving hotel industry, strategically benchmarking room revenue cannot be overstated. RGI, ARI, and MPI trio are the beacons guiding hotels

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Hotel Overbooking: Balancing Risks and Guest Satisfaction

The decision to engage in hotel overbooking should be carefully considered, striking a balance between maximizing revenue and ensuring guest satisfaction

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6 Ways Hotels Can Boost Midweek Occupancy

Contrary to instinct, reducing room rates won’t guarantee midweek bookings. In fact, it eats into your profits and undermines your hotel credibility

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Hotel Occupancy Rate Prediction Challenges

While occupancy rate is essential for deciding whether your management strategies succeed or fail, there are things you should keep in mind with this KPI

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Hotel Revenue Management: From Quick Fixes to Long-Term Wins

Revenue managers are caught in a balancing act to maximize revenue, ensure customer satisfaction while managing occupancy rates and room pricing pressure

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calculator and balance sheet reflecting importance of a successful quarterly business review

Key Components of a Successful Hotel Quarterly Business Review

A quarterly business review (QBR) is a meeting held every quarter to review the hotel performance and define areas for improvement for next quarter

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