Creative Solutions for Setting the Hotel Forecast in 2021

As your forecast evolves predicting demand over a certain period, it is crucial to assess the new customer’s behaviour patterns which can impact occupancy

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Large Hotels Rebound in Top US Markets Serve as Bellwether

All, are not created equal, and the losses in revenues, demand, and employment have been centered in large hotels, those with 300-plus rooms

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hotel breakeven video thumbnail to evaluate revenue strategies

Using Hotel Breakeven to Evaluate Recovery Revenue Strategies (Pt2)

We look at cost implications and revenue opportunities these create and how, by understanding breakeven and modelling, you can see if they are profitable

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Hotel Breakeven Video Thumbnail

Understanding Hotel Breakeven Helps Revenue Recovery Strategies (Pt1)

In this episode we touch on Hotel Breakeven, what it is, why it’s important and how can it help you model revenue strategies as we plan for the recovery

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Vaccination Roll Out Progress Ensures Continued Positivity

Most markets are continuing to show modest signs of positivity in terms of pick up and web traffic as vaccination roll outs continue across the globe

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Though Travel is Low Some Regions Show Signs of Performance Positivity

Though global travel remains stunted, some regions are showing signs of sustained performance positivity. Include AsiaPac and the Middle East on that list

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Update on Brazil: Leisure vs. Corporate destinations

It is critical for hotels in the corporate destinations of Brazil to track various segments of demand and be prepared when the tide turns in their favor

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How Berlin’s Hotels are Fighting to Survive in the COVID Lockdown

One in three hotels is currently closed, others have only a handful of guests. Hotels are fighting for a future – even if no one knows when that might be

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yellow door amongst white dorrs reflecting reduced capacity at hotels opening during covid

Capacity Constraints: Managing in a COVID-19 World

Understanding your unconstrained demand together with your yieldable capacity is necessary to make the best pricing and inventory management decisions

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Muted Occupancy and Rate Thwarted European Hotel RevPAR Growth

Muted occupancy and rate thwarted RevPAR growth in the month, down 85% YOY to €15.50. For the year, RevPAR was recorded at €32.84, down 72.7% YOY

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