Why Segment is First Step to Creating More Personalized experiences for guests

Hotel Market Segments: Want to Know Which Generate Most Revenue?

Hoteliers that succeed with hotel market segmentation do several things well. They define the market segments for their property and which contribute most

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different colours swirling and joining reflecting the value to hotels of guest engagement

Why IKEA Just Made a Solid Case for Hotel Dynamic Pricing

Hoteliers getting into room dynamic pricing can go a step further. It’s about hoteliers taking steps toward embracing the idea of flexibility

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telescope by the seafront increasing market visibility

Easy Wins You Gain with Hotel Market Intelligence

The next step is graduating to more in-depth market analysis to help recognize demand drivers and monitor macro markets in your area

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shutters closed like booking closing down rateintelligence

Hotels Are You Ready? Only 2 Weeks Until Booking Shuts RateIntelligence

With just two weeks to go until Booking shuts down RateIntelligence forever, hoteliers are in need of a reliable alternative

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