stacks of coins reflecting the impact of the wrong hotel room price strategy

How Much Does a Wrong Pricing Strategy Cost?

We can sell the same service, for the same day, with the same channel but at different times and therefore, potentially, also at a different price

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two tents pitched at a campsite where revenue management can be applied

Revenue Management and Campsites….Really? Yes it works!!

Camping villages have an additional advantage over hotels, as they have greater opportunities to increase their housing units and revenue at lower cost

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booking rateintelligence tool

Booking’s Sponsored Benefit is Just Discount for Advance Payment

The “Booking Sponsored Benefit” is nothing else but “discount for advance payment” which is applied to the customer when the following conditions are met:

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compass showing direction of revenue management going forward for a hotel in 2021

How to Achieve Your Best Hotel Performance: Tips for 2021

The good news is that the data we read is showing concrete desire for travel, and hotel bookings for the summer are arriving at an unexpected pace

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person booking hotel online know made more complicated with sca

The SCA Tsunami is Coming, How Will it Impact Hospitality Industry

From January 1st 2021 a new regulation on payments for online bookings that requires Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) will come into force

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like this chameleon on a twig hotels must adapt or die

Hotels, Tour Operators, Agencies : 2B or Not B2B in Pandemic Era??

The most successful Hotels were the ones that accepted the challenge and risked to fail, but still tried to continue business and not stop

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telescope by the seafront increasing market visibility

Effective Tools to Increase Visibility When Using Booking

Almost all hotels in the world are live on the channel, and for sure visibility to potential customers is greater than that of most websites

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wooden floor with word upsell spelt out like a hotel upselling offers

Evolution of Hotel Upselling: Improve Experience, Revenue and Reputation

Upselling is a win-win strategy, where both the guest and hotel win: the guest has a better service, the hotel will have a revenue increase

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tracks show different channel of train distribution routes

Distribution Management in a Pandemic

Hotels must go beyond simple distribution and try every option to “engage the customer” and convert them on your hotel/brand/loyalty site

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compass showing direction of revenue management going forward for a hotel in 2021

Revenue Management Models Have Changed. What To Do?

Trend, pace of sales and rate elasticity assume a fundamental role for revenue professionals in order not to lose the compass direction to the way forward

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