sign saying cancelled reflecting increase in hotel cancelation policies

8 Tips to Reduce Last Minute Hotel Cancellations and No Shows

Things come up. Circumstances change. Plans get disrupted. But is that the only reason why your guests might not show up at the last moment? NB: This is an article […]

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Is Metasearch Advertising Worth It

Is Metasearch Advertising Worth It?

When TripAdvisor first announced TripConnect, its Metasearch advertising platform, it instantly became the buzzword of the year. Though earlier adoption was slow, it pushed Google to be more involved in […]

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two chess pieces on different stacks of coins showing value of upselling

What is Rate Parity and Why It Is Important?

Rate Parity is most often a difficult and complicated thing to manage… While Rate Parity clauses are now illegal in most of Europe, and therefore can’t be required from OTAs anymore, […]

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online booking key on keyboard reflecting importance of direct bookings for hotels

10 Ways to Increase Direct Hotel Bookings and Pay Less Commission

OTAs have increased their market share and now want to control the user’s journey. It has never been more important to try and maintain balance between OTA bookings and direct bookings.

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keys showing hotel occupancy which directly leads to revenue

How to Configure your Hotel Rooms and Room Types

Inventory, the number of rooms available to distribute or sell across channels, is the most important aspect of your hotel business. NB: This is an article from Hotelminder With an […]

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