traveller looking at hotel reviews on a laptop reflecting importance of reputation management and it's impact on driving hotel revenue

How Guest Reviews Directly Affect the Hotel Revenue

A hotel’s reputation has major influence on revenue through effects on price perception of guests, as a customer loyalty measure, and a marketing factor

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Hotellistat "Who Are We" In conversation with Philip and Julia YouTube Interview Thumbnail

Hotellistat “Who Are We”: In conversation with Philip and Julia

Through our conversation you will hear more about Hotellistat as we dig deeper into the backstory, how the company came about and risks taken to get started

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lightbulb with image of a brain inside reflecting the need for hotels to embrace a total revenue management philosophy

The Total Revenue Management Approach: Strategies, Analytics and Metrics

Total Revenue Management is a strategic approach to increase any revenue in the hotel. Explained so simply, however, it requires some research

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