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thumbnail image for franco grasso revenue team article about why an rms will never replace human revenue managers

Why an RMS Will Never Replace Human Revenue Managers

Just as search engines evolved thanks to software engineers, the predictions of an RMS develop based on the understanding of data revenue manager’s input

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hotel breakfast layout can be appealing to guests when booking and can drive revenue and profit

The Hidden Profit Potential of the Hotel Breakfast

On OTAs guests use “breakfast included” as a primary search filter. When it comes to maximizing profit, breakfast can be an overlooked revenue booster

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New Expert Partner: Franco Grasso Revenue Team

Franco Grasso introduces us to his company, their core service, typical client profile, why he got started and what value they bring to their clients

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beachside telescope reflecting need for hotels while forecasting forward to also look back at previous performance

Your Hotel’s 2019 Performance Lays the Foundation for Your 2022 Forecast

Any hotel which maintained underlying principles of revenue management throughout the pandemic are stronger and poised for profit as travel ramps up

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