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hedges in shapes of houses with leaves changing colours reflecting the seasons of the year and how adopting year round revenue management brings record profitability to hotels

Year-Round Revenue Management Brings Record Profitability to Hotels

Here are six common pricing mistakes hotels make when they don’t rely on revenue management to guide their profitability

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man holding his head in his hands possibly reflecting a failure in hotel digital marketing strategy to drive hotel bookings

3 Common Revenue Management Myths Can Hurt Your Bottom Line

Many hoteliers misunderstand revenue management. They think it’s all about lower prices when it’s actually about online visibility and brand reputation

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letters spelling out the word pricing highlighting the evolution of revenue management and the potential for hoteliers of adopting a value added pricing strategy

The Essential Overview of Hotel Dynamic Pricing (Price Tags)

Dynamic pricing or “price tags” is a complex yet profitable avenue for a hotel. The more you’re in tune with the market, the more you improve profitability

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coins being stacked up to reflect how a revenue management approach to hotel costs and quality is so important

The Revenue Management Approach To Hotel Costs And Quality

This article offers a guide to revenue management analysis to give you ideas on improving your hotel’s profitability

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man on a laptop with a credit card possibly booking a hotel room reflecting the importance for hoteliers to calculate their guest acquisition costs

Direct Pre-Authorizations Can Boost Hotel Revenue Starting Today

Pre-authorizations are an indispensable way to preserve cash flow as they protect hotels from losses like late cancellations, chargebacks and no shows

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4 glass jars filling up with coins reflecting how hotels should consider developing sustainability plans to help drive future revenue and profits

How to Measure Your Hotel Profitability

Understanding hotel profitability ratios isn’t always straightforward because you may not have all the information you need to understand your ROI or ROE

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4 glass jars filling up with coins reflecting how hotels should consider developing sustainability plans to help drive future revenue and profits

Why Do Some Hotels Have 15%-40% Higher Revenue Than 2019?

The research below shows hotels that have consistently implemented revenue management methodology are exceeding their 2019 numbers by 15%-40%

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thumbnail image for franco grasso revenue team article about why an rms will never replace human revenue managers

Why an RMS Will Never Replace Human Revenue Managers

Just as search engines evolved thanks to software engineers, the predictions of an RMS develop based on the understanding of data revenue manager’s input

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hotel breakfast layout can be appealing to guests when booking and can drive revenue and profit

The Hidden Profit Potential of the Hotel Breakfast

On OTAs guests use “breakfast included” as a primary search filter. When it comes to maximizing profit, breakfast can be an overlooked revenue booster

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franco grasso revenue team expert partner who are we interview video thumbnail image

New Expert Partner: Franco Grasso Revenue Team

Franco Grasso introduces us to his company, their core service, typical client profile, why he got started and what value they bring to their clients

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