“Free” PMS API Integration is the Key to Hotel Innovation

API integration will be essential to enable endless possibilities for innovation, give hoteliers a competitive edge and ride out the pandemic

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Expect the Unexpected: 2020s Will Bring Considerable Change to PMS Landscape

Considerable changes to the PMS landscape are on the horizon, indicating an influx of cloud computing, open API marketplaces, middleware layers, enhanced connectivity, and so much more

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An API First PMS is Integral to Your Property’s Success and Here’s Why

Choosing the right integrations for your property is not a black-or-white proposition. After all, different hotels have different business goals, markets and guest profiles. But choosing a deeper integration over […]

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Independent Hotels can Learn from Big Brand Marketing

A New Way of Thinking About Your PMS: The API First Approach

Legacy PMS make it difficult and costly to connect all systems. Even some modern, cloud-based PMS aren’t developed in a way that makes connectivity as easy and painless as it should be.

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Travel and Booking APIs for Online Travel Service Providers

Back in 2017, TripAdvisor and comScore suggested that travelers make 10 to 34 website visits on average to book their trips. While this seems like a lot for booking hotels, […]

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