Black Friday was once synonymous with retail and eCommerce, but in recent years, the hotel industry has seen a tremendous increase in budding travelers looking for the year’s best deal, and 2022 is no exception.

NB: This is an guide from Triptease, one of our Expert Partners

The desire to travel combined with economic uncertainty means customers will pay close attention to where they can find the best deal on your website. So how can you get ready for Black Friday madness?

Thousands of hoteliers use Triptease Targeted Messages to personalize their website and show bespoke content and offers to their customers. As a result we have access to a huge database of hotel messaging, which the Triptease team regularly analyzes to understand what high performing messages look like.

In this guide we’ve looked at the top converting messages that were set live for Black Friday 2022 and uncovered the tips and tricks from real hoteliers who’s Black Friday campaigns had great conversion rates.

What can you expect in your Black Friday guide?
  • The must-have messages this sales season
  • How to create messages that convert
  • Which call-to-actions drive better conversions
  • How to create urgency campaigns that drive bookings
  • How to reduce cart abandonment rates
  • How to boost conversions with multiple message types

What if I don’t use Triptease?

Not a problem! Regardless of which website personalization tools you are using, there are key tips and tricks that you can action immediately. If you are not currently working with Triptease but would like to learn more about how Targeted Messages can help hoteliers strengthen their direct channel and drive more bookings on their own websites, please contact us here.

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