Over the past two years, the hospitality industry has been turned upside down and inside out. 

The distribution landscape has fundamentally changed. Previously predictable demand patterns are unrecognizable. 

Travelers’ values and willingness to spend have also shifted. Personalized, authentic and unforgettable experiences have become more important than ever. 

New expectations throughout the whole guest journey reflect these developments. Travelers have embraced technology with remarkable enthusiasm. They expect easy access to information and immediate responses to inquiries. 

Hotels are expected to satisfy these needs at every stage of the guest journey to win over patrons, delight them and do so profitably. 

In this E-book you will learn how leveraging smart hotel tech, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) is the most effective way to address this. 

First, letting smart tools take over manual tasks is a lifesaver for your leaner teams and your business. Second, it helps you boost the guest experience, revenue, and profitability throughout the guest journey. 

What’s inside the guide?
  • How hoteliers can increase their profits with the help of AI
  • How technology can help anticipate market shifts and emerging travel trends to predict demand
  • How price automation can help you win high-value bookings in challenging markets
  • How you can increase your direct bookings through instant guest communication
  • How you can increase average guest spend and drive extra revenue with automated upselling
  • How to streamline your online reputation management and scale your efforts and results
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