Hotellistat offers cutting-edge, comprehensive solutions in revenue, market, and business intelligence, catering to hotels on a global scale, effectively addressing their most significant challenges in commercial management.

Hotellistat was established in 2016 in Munich, Germany, by Sina Niedermaier, Tobias Haase, and Philip Kuchelmeister.

Drawing upon their extensive experience as revenue directors in the international arena, they recognized the significance and necessity of a solution such as Hotellistat, as well as its desired features. Given the absence of an existing system that fulfilled their requirements, they made the strategic decision to develop their own tool, thereby spearheading a groundbreaking transformation in revenue management within the hospitality industry.

What initially commenced as a supplementary endeavour to address their own needs swiftly evolved into a full-fledged undertaking, owing to the substantial demand expressed by other hoteliers.

Thus, the inception of Hotellistat took place.

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