Founded in 2004, Blastness has become a true hospitality growth partner that delivers game-changing results. Supporting more than 1000 clients, Blastness plays a strategic role in providing the necessary technology and services to ensure a client’s growth. By paying only on the targets that have been agreed upon and met, Blastness offers a unique partnership that is flexible and customised with no risk, based purely on the ROI created.

Blastness has been the leading CRS provider in Italy for more than 12 years, offering specialised technology and a hands-on service that is adapted to each property’s needs. Customers include independent hotels, resorts, boutique hotels, business hotels, guest houses, historic residences, groups and hotel chains. Through a combination of in-house innovative software and highly personalised services, Blastness works with clients to create growth projects aimed at increasing profitability while cutting commissions – all summed up in a simple but clear motto: “Growing your business”.

In 2023, the value of bookings managed on the company’s systems increased by 63% compared to the pre-covid period. The hotels in the Blastness portfolio also saw a 95% increase in direct bookings, compared to a +30% increase in their OTAs channels.

Technological solutions offered include the Booking Engine and Channel Manager, Business Intelligence platforms, Revenue Management and the unique Bid Management System – a tool for managing online advertising campaigns that integrate AI-powered algorithms and machine learning. Blastness also offers consulting services for revenue management, meaning the hotel can count on the support of a highly qualified team, from training to the development of pricing and positioning strategies.

Blastness has also received recognition for its search and metasearch engine advertising campaigns, and in 2017 was selected for the Google Strategic Partner programme as one of the companies with the highest development potential in EMEA. Blastness is also a certified Google Premier Partner, Microsoft Advertising Partner and a Tripadvisor Hospitality Marketing Partner. The company does not manage campaigns with fixed budgets but instead uses a dynamic budget that follows fluctuations in demand to maximise ROI.

With a fully integrated approach, the company even has an in-house web agency that specialises in creating custom-tailored hotel websites that highlight the property’s key selling points, showcasing the property’s offerings to help incentivise direct bookings. All this comes with the added benefit of regular support from a highly skilled team at every stage.

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