The BEONx story is one of transformation. When we started out in Salamanca, Spain in 2012, we noticed many hotel revenue managers were stuck using manual processes no longer fit for the digital age.

Our founders, Emilio and Ruben, saw an opportunity to apply their backgrounds in astrophysics and computer engineering to make revenue management simpler, more streamlined and far more powerful.

10 years on, we are now ready to drive a new transformation.

Our goal is simple: we want to unlock the potential of holistic sustainability to drive profitability for our clients.

We’re harnessing our AI technology to assess vast, complex data sets that take a holistic view of the guest experience, offering innovative new solutions that integrate revenue streams and form a clear link between ESG principles and value creation.

We call it sustainable profitability, and it will empower hotels to unlock totally new perspectives on the way they manage revenue and sustainable profits.

Featured Articles

coins being stacked up to reflect how pricing strategies can maximize ADR RevPAR and Profitability
Pricing Strategies to Maximize ADR, RevPAR and Profitability
smiling guest at check-out reflecting the importance of this last interaction with the guest to reinforce a good experience and improve hotel reputation
Boost Your Hotel Performance with a Guest-Centered Strategy
letters spelling out the word pricing highlighting the current spotlight shining on algorithmic price fixing
Price Oscillation: Unraveling the Pendulum Effect on Hotel Rates
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Hotel Profitability: Mastering Touroperation Allotment Strategies
steps going up reflecting the increase in revenue and occupancy a hotel can gain from adapting a dynamic pricing strategy
How to Elevate Hotel Revenue and Occupancy with Dynamic Pricing
different coloured jelly sweets reflecting the importance to a hotel of segmentation within their revenue management strategy
The Role of Customer Segmentation in Revenue Management
neon hotel vacancy sign reflecting need for hotels to manage the challenge of overbookings and cancellations
Best Practices for Hotel Inventory Management
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Strategies for Managing Distribution Channels in the Hotel Industry
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The Importance of Forecasting Accuracy in Revenue Management
calculator and balance sheet reflecting importance of a successful quarterly business review
Key Components of a Successful Hotel Quarterly Business Review
man looking at a hotel website on a computer reflecting importance for hotels to captivate guests to generate more direct bookings leading to increased revenue
Maximising Hotel Profitability by Measuring Willingness to Pay
icons on mobile phone including well known otas expedia and booking reflecting proliferation of options beyond hotel direct bookings
OTAs: The Pros and Cons of Working With Them
coins being added to a glass jar with the shoot of a plant growing from the top reflecting how cost based pricing ensures if hotels sell their rooms then that are guaranteed to make a profit
Price Integrity in Hotel Revenue Management: Strategies and Tips
person with multiple laptops reflecting importance to a hotel of revenue management automation to ensure managers can focus on strategic issues and what is most important
What is Revenue Management Automation and Why is it Key?
4 glass jars filling up with coins reflecting how hotels should consider developing sustainability plans to help drive future revenue and profits
3 Tips to Boost Your Hotel’s Total Revenue Management Strategy
letters spelling out the word pricing highlighting the current spotlight shining on algorithmic price fixing
Why You Need Rate Parity in Your Hotel Pricing Strategy
rms hotel travel tech mindset and importance of machine learning to hotel revenue management
Machine Learning And Its Importance In Hotel Revenue Management
triangle sign with the word yield spelt out reflecting the need to understand the difference between yield management and revenue management
Yield Management: How it Can Help You Optimise Your Revenue
man standing in front of calculations and algorithms reflecting the multi levels of hotel revenue and how important it is that the revenue manager and general manager work in synch
Total Revenue: Definition, How to Calculate and Examples
icons of people being circled with a red pen reflecting importance for hotels to achieve revenue success by focusing on individual customer experience and the role of hyper personalisation
Hyper Personalisation: The Future of the Customer Experience
car with lights streaking by reflecting the importance for hotels to keep up with the pace of change in traveler behavior
Data Driven Strategy: How to Anticipate and React to Market Trends
4 glass jars filling up with coins reflecting how hotels should consider developing sustainability plans to help drive future revenue and profits
Attribute Based Pricing: Grow Revenue and Improve Guest Satisfaction
hotel digitalisation laptop mobile and revenue graphs reflecting the 11 must have features revenue managers need in a business intelligence tool
What Hotel Digitalisation Means And How It Boosts Profits
algorithms and view through a key hole indicative of hotels needing to look forward and consider both revenue management tactics and strategy to really excel
Tactical vs Strategic Revenue Management and How to Excel at Both
From Beonprice to BEONx: The Evolution and Journey Ahead Video Interview YouTube Thumbnail
From Beonprice to BEONx: The Evolution and Journey Ahead
hotel revenue management demand forecasting is like adding pieces to a jigsaw puzzle
6 Forecasting Tips to Handle Uncertainty in the Hotel Industry
question marks reflecting hotels revenue management and digital marketing trends
6 Profitable Sources of Hotel Revenue Generation You Rarely Consider
rocks balanced on wooden planks reflecting the challenge with restrictions and the balancing act between revenue optimization and blocking bookings
Hotel Demand Based Pricing: Definition, Benefits and Practical Examples
coins stacked up at different heights reflecting need for game changing pricing strategies for effective revenue management within hotel sector
Game-changing Pricing Strategies For Effective Revenue Management
thumbs up or thumbs down reflecting hotel reputation and the impact on hotel revenue
How to Manage Online Reputation and Boost Your Hotel Revenue
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