Looking to be the next hotel tech hero?

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We see you. Doing your whole consultant thing. Helping hotels out. Maybe popping up at an event or two. But we know there’s something boiling up inside of you. Something…almost superhuman…

So now it’s time – time to unleash your inner superhero! And we’re here to help bring it out!  apaleo is partnering up with SiteMinder, Pace, and Catala Consulting for a morning jam packed with insights into the latest trends in hotel tech. It’s all going down at our exclusive Consultants Day! All the details below

What’s the plan?

Now you’re asking the important stuff! Here’s all the great content that you won’t want to miss:

It’s not open heart surgery: how open PMSs make change painless – Alan O’Riordan, Co-Founder, apaleo

Gone are the days of painful rollouts, integration nightmares and hidden fees. Open platforms make life easier. Learn about the new approach and how it will impact the future of hotel tech.

24 hours to get a new system live? No sweat. – Thibault Catala, Founder, Catala Consulting

Pipedream or reality? Learn how Thibault Catala helped roll out an entirely new tech stack in less than 24 hours.

Perception v reality: The unspoken truths of distribution commoditised – James Bishop, Senior Director, Global Demand Partnerships, SiteMinder

Have we lost sight of value? The commoditisation of distribution and connectivity is a growing trend that should put the hotel industry on high alert. Learn about the dangers of seeing all hotel technologies as equal.

The hidden secrets to revenue management – Jens Munch, Founder, Pace

Pricing strategy is often described as an art. We beg to differ. Come hear the secrets to scientific revenue management and how this approach can increase revenues and profit.

Make sure to reserve your spot because this room full of heroes is going to fill up quickly!

Hope to see you there,

Your pals at apaleo