Premium membership will build on our General membership, providing access to additional content in 2 areas on the site and an upgrade in one aspect.

The upgrade is within the ‘Jobs‘ section – Premium members will have advanced access to premium jobs enabling them to get their application in earlier.

Two new sections will also be accessible:

  • Expert Insights
    Within this section there will be unique content from thought leaders around the world all relevant to the professional disciplines of our customer base.
    This content will include interviews, opinions, videos, podcasts, webinars and industry insights
  • Forums
    Within this section our premium members will be able to openly discuss the key issues of the moment.
    Because all members wishing to join the Revenue Hub are pre-screened, you can be sure anyone commenting on the forums is a professional in the industry and is not someone ‘spamming’ or selling something.
    The forums will be closely monitored to ensure they fulfill our wish to have an open and engaging dialogue.

We hope you will see the value of becoming a Premium Member and look forward to welcoming you.