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Decision Intelligence: Rocco Forte Hotels & HotelIQ Case Study discussion thumbnail image

Decision Intelligence: Rocco Forte Hotels & HotelIQ Case Study

Hi, welcome to another case study discussion. Today we focus on the challenges and rewards of a decision intelligence tool and it’svalue to a hotel commercial operation. To bring their […]

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YouTube Thumbnail image for video discussion on How to Increase Visibility and Direct Revenue: Key Trends & Strategies

How to Increase Visibility and Direct Revenue: Key Trends & Strategies

We explore how connected marketing & revenue strategies are a powerful ecommerce combination, leveraging the hotels direct channel to drive direct bookings

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YouTube thumbnail image for discussion with Strategic Solution Partners about their Talent Trends Study and the potential future hotel workforce crisis

Talent Trends Study: A Future Hotel Workforce Crisis?

We touch on a number of topics from the study, looking at foreboding trends, challenges for education institutions and how the industry must adapt

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Euro 2024 Demand Impact and What Regional Hotels Can Do discussion with berner+becker YouTube thumbnail

Euro 2024 Demand Impact and What Regional Hotels Can Do?

It is wise for hotels that looking into their price positioning to maintain rather high pricing, because there will still be sell out days

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thumbnail image for the who are we interviews with nicolas vorsteher of chatlyn

Chatlyn “Who Are We”: In Conversation with Nicolas Vorsteher

We hear from Nicolas of chatlyn how an efficient modern communication approach can positively impact bookings and guest experience

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child with a rubix cube illustrating the various complexities hotels will face as they try adopt net revenue

Net Revenue: A Challenge to Embrace or Just Another Pipe Dream?

In this discussion we ask is Net Revenue easier to achieve than Total Revenue? And do we know what Net Revenue actually means?

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man frustrated reflecting impact of poor guest communication in this youtube thumbnail for hijiffy video discussion

Poor Guest Communication Impact is Bigger Than Lost Bookings

As well as discussing the challenges hoteliers face with guest communication Shaun will also give us a quick demo of how HiJiffy’s AI works

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small child at the bottom of a large flight of stairs reflecting the large challenges faced in trying to implement total revenue management

The Big Challenges to Implement Total Revenue Management

Total Revenue Management is hard because it’s a collection of different tactics. Your not just optimising room revenue, pricing and inventory

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a run down bus with the word blah repeated across it reflecting how total revenue management is spoken about so much abut still very little happens

Total Revenue Management: Why It Is Easier To Talk About Than Do

Using corporate business as an example, our guests outline why total revenue management is so challenging and why it isn’t really being done

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image of an empty chair in a run down building reflecting the impact to hotels of open executive positions and loss of momentum and revenue

Cost to Hotels of Open Executive Positions and Loss of Momentum

Today we look at Hotel staffing and the impact an executive opening can have on a property – momentum is a key word here

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