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car parking spaces for car rental companies to generate revenue

Intelligent Data Insights: Putting Car Rental Operators In The Driving Seat

We have developed a solution to specifically address the challenges facing the car rental industry. The result is Fornova Mobility Intelligence (FornovaMI)

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Car Rentals See Higher Prices and Demand Surge

Car rentals demand saw an upsurge in most of the cities in the US and Canada. We are witnessing higher pricing arising out of lesser supply

Read more Expanding Beyond Hotels Into Flights, Cars and Restaurants is renowned for its hotel-only focus but its homepage now features tabs for flights from Kayak, car rentals from, and restaurant reservations from OpenTable, all sister companies owned […]

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4 Ways Hertz Keeps a Finger on the Customer Pulse

In an increasingly connected and demanding world, established brands cannot afford to stand still. EyeforTravel’s Pamela Whitby hears how car rental firm Hertz is staying on track. If you are […]

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