Artificial Intelligence

person at a laptop maybe a revenue manager utilising ai for dynamic revenue optimization

Leveraging AI for Dynamic Revenue Optimization

Dynamic revenue optimization is the practice of adjusting prices in real-time based on demand, market trends, and various other factors

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dots of different colurs reflecting data sets and how to empower hotel revenue strategies through ai and causal ml

Empowering Hotel Revenue Strategy Through AI and Causal ML

Should revenue managers interact heavily with an AI RMS or trust automation? What is the impact of overrides on revenue?

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man typing into a spreadsheet illustrating a slightly antiquated approach to modern revenue management

Revenue Management: From Spreadsheets to AI Based Systems

The introduction of AI based systems marked a significant turning point in Revenue Management with algorithms, big data analysis and real-time processing

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How Google and Meta Could Disrupt Travel Discovery with AI

We explore the rise of AI assistants in the travel space, their capabilities and how they could impact brands’ visibility and marketing strategies

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