guest luggage at a boutique hotel reflecting opportunities for small hotels if they use these marketing tips

Marketing Tips for Small Hotels

With limited budgets and resources, it can be challenging to compete with larger hotels and chains that have a more extensive marketing budget and reach

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video thumbnail image for discussion with kris glabinski of ratemetrics about how to turn hotel competitor intelligence into additional revenue

How to Turn Hotel Competitor Intelligence into Additional Revenue

In this discussion we look at how hoteliers can turn competitor intelligence into a additional revenue in a very simple way using readily accessible data

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Discover The Most Profitable Rate For Your Rooms - For Free !! Youtube Video Thumbnail

Discover The Most Profitable Rate For Your Rooms – For Free !!

Our localized demand predictor helps you identify fluctuations in demand before they happen, making it easy to choose the best rate

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graphs which could reflect different pricing amongst competitor hotels and why hotel rate parity is so important

Application of a Variable Pricing Strategy Based on Rate Shopper Data

Competition price intelligence, delivered by rate shopping tools, is needed to understand when the best moment is to increase the price and by how much

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icons of people being circled with a red pen reflecting importance for hotels to achieve revenue success by focusing on individual customer experience and the role of hyper personalisation

Key to Today’s Revenue Success: Individual Customer Profitability

Focusing on individual needs, Revenue Managers are able to migrate their focus from ineffective typical pricing strategies to customer profitability instead

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question marks reflecting hotels revenue management and digital marketing trends

Are Assumptions Holding Back Your Revenue Management?

It is easy to fall into assumptions. It is human nature, after all, but when do assumptions on revenue management start to work against you

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coins being stacked up to reflect how a revenue management approach to hotel costs and quality is so important

Little and Often: The Winning Hotel Revenue Strategy?

Rather than just seeing lines on a graph, it is important for hotel owners, managers, and revenue managers to interpret the opportunities that it can yield

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thumbnail image for who are we discussion with new revenue hub expert partner howsmyrate

New Expert Partner: Howsmyrate

Kris Introduces us to Howsmyrate, their core solution, cost effectiveness and customization flexibility through the utilisation of Google Data Studio

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letters spelling out the word pricing highlighting the evolution of revenue management and the increasing adoption of dynamic pricing

5 Hotel Pricing Strategy Mistakes to Avoid

There are different pricing strategies hotels can apply to respond to market needs. But there are a few strategies hotels should avoid. Here are the top 5:

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