hotel digitalisation laptop mobile and revenue graphs

What Hotel Digitalisation Means And How It Boosts Profits

There are a number of ways that digitalisation can help you create a more efficient business model for your hotel and boost your profits

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algorithms and view through a key hole indicative of hotels needing to look forward and consider both revenue management tactics and strategy to really excel

Tactical vs Strategic Revenue Management and How to Excel at Both

When it comes to deciding between tactical vs strategic revenue management, there’s actually no clear-cut answer to the question ‘Which is best?

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hotel revenue management demand forecasting is like adding pieces to a jigsaw puzzle

6 Forecasting Tips to Handle Uncertainty in the Hotel Industry

Forecasting has always been valuable for revenue managers. Given current uncertainty, it is so important to be able to predict and adapt to demand

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question marks reflecting hotels revenue management and digital marketing trends

6 Profitable Sources of Hotel Revenue Generation You Rarely Consider

The key is identifying all stages of the guest journey where you can create opportunities to generate more revenue and increase your profit margins

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rocks balanced on wooden planks reflecting demand based pricing and the balance between operational costs, competitor offering and demand fluctuations

Hotel Demand Based Pricing: Definition, Benefits and Practical Examples

Demand based pricing can take a number of forms. The most common examples are price skimming, geo-based pricing, and yield management

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coins stacked up at different heights reflecting need for game changing pricing strategies for effective revenue management within hotel sector

Game-changing Pricing Strategies For Effective Revenue Management

We discuss why pricing is so essential for your hotel and how you can design an effective strategy that generates consistent revenue streams

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thumbs up or thumbs down reflecting hotel reputation

How to Manage Online Reputation and Boost Your Hotel Revenue

You, as a hotel owner or revenue manager, have the power to create a solid reputation that helps you build a successful brand

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hotel room keys reflecting hotel occupancy rates and possible impact on average daily rate (ADR)

Lead Time: What Is It, How To Calculate It And Why It Matters

Lead time is a formula used to calculate the time between a guest confirming a reservation at your hotel, and their arrival date

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man standing by a board with graphs and charts reflecting the purpose of revenue management and how to implement it

The Purpose of Revenue Management And How To Implement It

What is the purpose of revenue management, and why is it so important to design and implement an effective revenue strategy in your hotel

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letters spelling out the word pricing

What Is Fair Pricing And Why Does Your Hotel Need It?

Fair pricing is not about underselling or undercutting competition. It’s about finding the right balance between business success and customer satisfaction

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