person sitting near an old piece of technology reflecting how hotel tech has evolved

Hotel Tech: How to Make Sense of The Tool Jumble

Decide what are the most accurate hotel performance indicators, then define your objectives for each of them and build a plan on how to get the results

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man being attracted by a carrot in much the same way hotels must attract maximum market demand

3 Tips For Attracting Maximum Market Demand

The hotel industry has undergone drastic changes in last two years, we have seen a change in demand trends that require us to review our strategies

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is revenue strategy just a pipedream for most hotels video thumbnail

Is Revenue Strategy Just a Pipedream for Most Hotels?

Without changing the focus, the questions asked, and metrics measured, surely revenue strategy just exists as another recurring seminar topic

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one red apple amongst many green apples reflecting need for a hotel to differentiate itself from it's competitors

3 Strategies to Differentiate Your Hotel From Your Competitors

Faced with constant uncertainty in the international hotel market, we must look for strategies to differentiate ourselves from our competitors

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beachside telescope reflecting need for hotels while forecasting forward to also look back at previous performance

Kick Off 2022: Demand Trends

Analysing the occupancy levels by geographic areas we see hotels are at similar levels as January-February 2020, but demand is conservative in January 2022

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hand holding different coloured balls all mixed up reflecting different hotel demand

How To Deal With Changing Trends in Hotel Demand.

The changing demand trends in the different markets, make it necessary to review our segmentation strategies and rate structure

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Data and AI Are Simplifying Hotel Revenue Management

7 Reasons Why an RMS Should be a Must for Hoteliers in 2021

Information sources provided by a Revenue Management System allow us to monitor the market in real time and be agile in detecting changes in trends

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video thumbnail image of conversation with beonprice and juyo analytics about exciting new partnership

Beonprice and Juyo Analytics Announce an Exciting New Partnership

The two tech companies have formed a partnership to combine the strategic vision of Juyo with the operational vision of Beonprice in one integrated solution

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hotel revenue management demand forecasting is like adding pieces to a jigsaw puzzle

Key Factors to Calculate Demand Forecasting

When projecting a point in time in the future and trying to anticipate demand, it can seem like making decisions based simply on experience or intuition

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lady with data graphics overlyaed showing how human factor is important part of revenue management automation

The Human Factor Behind Revenue Automation

We know the need for digital transformation, but it is the human factor that will guarantee the implementation success of Revenue Management technologies

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