21 Mar Essentials of Distribution & Digital Marketing (2 Days)
St James Court Hotel, Westminster, London SW1E 6AF 9.30am - 5.00pm

This two-day workshop applies the principles of revenue management to distribution and digital marketing. The workshop introduces the distribution channels available to a hotel, and the business models associated with each channel.

We provide an introduction to digital marketing introducing search engine optimization (SEO), data analytics and pay per click (PPC) campaigns. Participants have the opportunity to work with case studies to evaluate channel cost and profitability and identify which channels to select to distribute inventory according to forecast demand.

We cover the key features of a search engine optimisation strategy, how to put together a simple PPC campaign, and how changes in ranking algorithms, metasearch and PPC programmes impact the management of distribution strategies and includes any relevant and recent changes.

The workshop is designed to create a foundation of knowledge enabling participants to understand the key elements of a distribution and digital marketing strategy and interpret results.

What you will learn

By attending this two-day workshop participants will understand:

  • The hotel distribution channels, and supporting systems available for the RFP process, content and image management
  • The business models associated with each channel and how to assess profitability per booking
  • How to create a distribution channel strategy to ensure optimal channel mix and profitability according to demand
  • The principle measurements and analytic tools available per channel.
  • How to look at web site performance and evaluate what to analyse, thereby effectively contributing to digital marketing strategies
  • How to interpret results, report results and contribute to recommendations on web analytics to improve performance

Topics covered

  • The hotel distribution landscape, business models and associated technology
  • The corporate, agency and consortia market and the RFP Process
  • The Hotel web site and using Pay Per Click campaigns to drive bookings
  • Traffic conversion, Cost per click and cost per order
  • Optimising OTA placement and management
  • An Introduction to Search, the history of SEO and strategy of search engines
  • Google Products, algorithms and the impact of web site content on Google’s decisions
  • How to create an optimisation strategy – keyword research, search engine friendly design, local and international strategies
  • Analytics tools and reporting
  • Defining what to measure, common metrics and their definitions
  • Creating PPC campaigns, how to set up, manage and drive business objectives
  • Metasearch and its relationship to distribution – including Google Hotel Price Advertising programme (HPA) and Google Hotel Finder
  • The impact of distribution models on profitability creating the optimal zone of distribution using all channels

Who is this course for?

  • Revenue Manager, Reception / Front Office, Reservation staff, Sales & Marketing staff, General Manager & Assistant General Managers, Group Sales, Commercial Managers

Where ? St James Court Hotel, Westminster, London SW1E 6AF

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