The #1 Business Intelligence tool for Meeting, Events and Group Business

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We know there is great potential when you start optimising this important revenue stream.

As we strongly believe you can only optimise what you measure we created a tool that gives you all information you need right at your fingertips.

Our mission is to free M&E departments and employees of manual excel-reporting and empower teams to take data driven, strategic decisions. Don't get us wrong, we think excel is 'ok' to some extent but when it comes to bringing data to life Get Into MoRe is unbeaten!

We founded the tool after looking for a solution to optimise Meetings, Events and Group Business revenue ourselves at the hotels where we were responsible. We scanned the market and didn't find a solution that was future proof, fully automated and cloud-based. Instead of waiting around we decided to design and develop one ourselves.

This makes the tool you are looking at a tool made by and for hoteliers. 

The tool is build around six dashboards that allow you to have a complete overview of your Meetings, Events and Group Business without you having to lift more than a finger. 

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